"Earth is a wonderful place ~ ♥"

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It is an optimistic personality, It does not appear well on the outside.

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The cue belongs to the space guards of the camisole planet, 3 billion light years from Earth,  While I was chasing Sachs, the captain of the space pirate 'Corset' with his colleagues It falls into a wormhole and comes to earth.

After arriving at Earth, the cue that followed the Sachs' It's a crisis between the Empire and the Sox. With the help of the goddess kisses, it takes a life.

Cue, who realized that the Sachs was plotting something using the Innocent,  While joining the goddess kiss and tracking the Innocent,  The plot of the Empire and the Sachs will be blocked together.

Except for the key members of the goddess kiss,  The indecisive group is also careful. But the identity has already been heard by all members.  Everyone pretends not to know. There is a lot of interest in the earth, Almost all the time is investing in the study. I especially like the food on the earth. When I meet with my friend Lena, I get something to eat.

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Название Описание Эффект Иконка

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Q - A student from outer space