"Commander, what kind of magic did you do to me?"

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An honest personality whose face comes to mind. I try to think positively about everything. If you have a comfortable person, you want to be pampered immediately. I do not know much, and sometimes I do my utterances. I still like to hang out with girls rather than men.

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With my childhood parents Nina, who saw a fantasy movie featuring a beautiful witch, dreamed of a witch. But after a while I realize that there is no magic in reality and I am very disappointed.

Since then, she has grown up to be a middle school student. One day I see a magician's performance at the town square. Nina, admired for her magical talent, I start to learn magic by struggling with my parents.

Nina's magical talent was met by her aptitude. At the time of going to high school, there is enough It was a top-class magician. Nina also showed great talent for the occult. In particular, Taro has a wonderful chance I predicted the future and appeared on TV.

But I did not expect Nina Do Cain to appear. The war began with the formation of a sudden empire. Germany is also quickly occupied by empires.

According to the empire's policy of embracing and brainwashing talented human beings first Nina is also forced to be drafted into the lab It is brainwashed by Ovidian. There, Nina was tested variously. Among them, the pilots are selected to show excellent competence in unit control. Shortly thereafter, Nina was placed on the front line as a commander and fought against the goddess kiss.

Nina, released from Ovidian after defeating the fight, As a pilot on the kiss of the goddess with the consideration of the main character I will join the fight to save the world.

Nina became a popular character of the unit in a flash of magic and tarot, If you do not have an operation, you can go with Nela to perform other reef trophies It is doing work such as looking at the love point of troops.

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Название Описание Эффект Иконка
Огненая бомба Атакует ракетой врага, а также мехов справа и слева от него. 70% от базового урона.
Адское пламя Атакует огненными шарами врага, а также мехов справа и слева от него. 330% от базового урона.
Водородная бомба Атакует ракетой-молнией 1 врага. 300% от базового урона.
Посланник смерти Увеличивает свою АТК в начале сражения. Увеличивает АТК (на 4 хода).

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