"I want to be a special someone for the commander ~ ♥"

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Everything is straightforward and my face is very strong. I hate the pretension, and I always make the statement straight. Personality that treats everybody disrespectfully and gets close quickly

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Lena, the only daughter of the Japanese prestigious Hanazawa family, I lose my parents because of the bombing of my childhood empire.

After losing his parents, he lived with his grandfather, Do not say a word for a while due to shock I became a child of a dark personality. However, the discipline of the sweet and delightful grandfather Growing up in a rough man-like environment Gradually become a girl of a bright and spirited type.

One day I was in high school. Lena, in the past bombing scene, I found out that it was not found ...

Mother's revenge and maybe even alive I support the goddess kiss to find my father.

I dropped out for the purpose, but I did not I am still wearing clothes that have remodeled my uniform.

The obsession with eating is very strong About 10 hamburgers are a huge starter to eat lightly. I'm so touched by my collection of hobby dolls. There is always a shortage of living expenses around the payday, so I am being treated by the main character.

Lena's family, Hanazawa, is in politics and economy. It is a famous Japanese who has international influence. Hanzawa and Kenjiro, the current ruler and Lena's grandfather Ten members who founded the organization "Reef" against the Empire, It is also one of the so-called 'sisters'.

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Название Описание Эффект Иконка
Прикрытие Атакует лазером врага дважды. 100% от базового урона.
Поток Энергии Атакует выбросом энергетической волны 1 врага. 270% от базового урона.
Тайная ракета Атакует ракетой врага, а также мехов справа и слева от него. 180% от базового урона.
Щит броненосца Увеличивает свою ЗАЩ в начале сражения. увеличивает ЗАЩ (до конца сражения).

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